Who am I?
I don’t think that really matters.
We usually give too much importance to our identity.

As a great pianist once wrote:
“Life is not about finding your limitations; it’s about finding your infinity.”
Music for me is the mean to find my infinity.
And by sharing it, I hope to communicate that infinity to others.


Look around. It is all there to see.
When your eyes are open nothing can close them anymore.
Open your heart and take all in.

From the album 'Where the Spirit’.
Life is a wonderful journey. It's a never ending sequence of cycles, of decisions to make, of roads to take.
For me every end is a new beginning, and when I say every, I mean all.
When you grasp the infinity, all is magnificent.
It remains to contemplate this journey of inner emotions and outer amazing landscapes. With the music the sublime expression of the soul.